Constuction Management at Risk

Construction Management at Risk

(CM@Risk, CMAR, CM/CG)

  • Under this method a contractor is usually selected based on their qualifications alone.
  • The contractor may be selected before, at the same time or after the architect is selected.
  • In this method the contractor is usually heavily involved in the design process working with the owner and architect to create something incredible while still being on budget.
  • This method believes that through collaboration you will get the best possible value for the owner’s money and reduces owners risk.
  • Under this method, the Contractor holds the subcontractors contracts and works under a guaranteed maximum price (GMP).
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When I founded Unified Building Group we had one goal.. “Build together as one” Our goal was to pull a very ego driven, traditional and segmented industry together. We wanted to make the experience, transparent, fun and to value each others ideas and the work we create together. The architectural, engineering & construction (AEC) industry is one of the most broken and beautiful. The opportunities are endless for anyone that enjoys continuous improvement and willing to work hard!!

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