Power/Critical Infrastructure

Power/Critical Infrastructure

In fact, during the most recent five-year period, these outages increased
by 58%. It doesn’t take much. And the cost is enormous: tens of billions of dollars in lost revenue by commercial businesses each year, with a median loss for small businesses of $12,500 per day.

The Unified Building Group team are experts in standby power systems.
Call us today to discuss turn-key installation and maintenance program options. In some cases, return on investment can be achieved in a single extended outage.

We offer a complete line of prime and standby power solutions for a variety of applications, such as:



• Market leading PowerCommand® 1 .1 and PowerStart 500TM as
standard for total system integration
• Intuitive operator interface panel
• Integrated control functionality
• Advanced overcurrent protection
• Excitation Boost System (EBS) for improved motor start
• Fast response to load change
• Circuit fault clearing ability for uninterrupted power supply
• Best in class quiet operation @ 69 dB(A) at one metre reading
• Meet stringent EU noise regulations
• Simplified installation
• Excellent fuel economy
• Low maintenance cost
• Extended service intervals at 500 hours
• Homes, Condominiums, Apartment Complexes
• Assisted Living Facilities
• Equipment Shelters
• Fire & Police Stations
• Waste Water Treatment Facilities
• Small Office Buildings
• Convenience Stores
• Agricultural Enterprises
• Restaurants
• Hotels, Motels
• Hospitals, Medical/ Dental Clinics
• Shopping Malls
• Gas Stations
• Military Applications
• Airports/Railways
• Oil & Gas
• Data Centers
• Banks

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